10 Ways to Give Your Tweets Stopping Power

Twitter has been taking it on the chin in the media, but its prominence remains. And although user growth has slowed, Twitter’s 320-million current active users represent an all-time high.

If the race is about users, Facebook gets the gold with 1.7 cheap nfl jerseys billion active users. However, according to Edison Research, Twitter users are 3X more likely to follow brands than Facebook users, while 49% Of monthly Twitter users follow brands or companies, compared to just 16% of social network users overall.

Obviously, as a user, you want people to stop and read your tweets. It’s no slam dunk – Edison Research says the average user has 208 followers, a modest number compared to most brands. Still, if each follower were to tweet twice a day, over 400 tweets would populate the average feed daily.

Twitter users must concede a good portion of the tweets they compose are bound to go unnoticed.

Do your tweets drive traffic?

I have 10 ideas to help you create tweets that get noticed, but first, I want to share a a simple way to increase traffic to your website via tweeting with Start a Fire. The free service enables you to easily increase the reach of your content as you share links.

The Start a Fire service gives you a branded fake oakleys badge that appears on the bottom of the page and includes additional content you recommend. Reshared links deliver your recommendations to new audiences and encourages readers to click-through to your site.

Now make your Tweets sing

I read 7 of the 10 most followed Twitter accounts belong to singers. Maybe you should start singing? Of course, you’ll be taking on the likes of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, so you may not find an audience.

Joking aside, the key to giving your tweets stopping power is making them sing. Let’s look at a long list of ways you can increase the stopping power of your tweets.

1. Include emojis and symbols

Those little icons we once called “smileys” have come a long way. Today, an amazing array of emojis and symbols appear in tweets and people seem to love them. Try including non-text characters to make your message stand out.  From your smartphone, it’s easy to grab emojis straight from your keyboard. cheap mlb jerseys China On your computer, Cheap Jerseys you can use a Chrome extension or copy and paste from vast libraries of Twitter symbols like this one.

Tennis mega-star Roger Federer likes to speak in emoji on Twitter as he’s done in the tweet above where he celebrates Switzerland’s cheap oakley sunglasses cheap china jerseys appearance at the Olympic Games.

2. #Hashtag your topic

Your tweets are generally only seen by your followers, if at all. However, when you use a hashtag followed by a word (or words smushed together as a phrase) they can potentially be seen by a wider audience.

By including the hashtag symbol (#), you categorize your tweets, which makes it appear when a user searches the term. Clicking a hashtagged word shows other Tweets that include the same hashtag.

3. Call @ttention wholesale nfl jerseys with a mention

Want someone specific to see your tweet? Mention them by including Cheap Oakleys their username preceded by the @ symbol.

Want to get the attention of a group of people at once? The trick here is to include an image in your tweet. Twitter presents a prompt that reads, “Who’s in this photo?” You can tag your photo (or any image) with up to cheap jerseys from China 10 users without affecting your character count.

4. Go to the polls

Twitter Polls were introduced in 2015, but didn’t catch on the way many expected it would. I use Twitter Polls often and find it to be a great tactic for engaging my followers.

It’s easy enough to do. Simply click the “Add poll” icon beneath the tweet box, enter up to four choices, and select the length of 2017-01-24 time you want your poll to run (up to seven days).

It appears throwback nba jerseys my followers are aware of the Twitter Polls feature. It’s underutilized though and therefore represents an opportunity for you.

5. Add images

You may not always have time to add images to your tweets, but you’re likely to be rewarded for doing so.

Because the advantages of adding images to your tweets are now understood by the masses, your next challenge becomes executing the tactic adroitly.

Some of the tricks I like to use include the use of:

  • Attractive colors and contrast
  • Superimposed (and centered) headlines
  • Interesting textures (note the sandpaper above)
  • Easily understood icons and symbols
  • Elegant typography

I’m also fond of including my logo, URL or both for branding purposes (though I didn’t do so in the example above). I create multiple images for all my blog posts and feature them in my tweets. Sometimes I also create original images for use on Twitter for my guest posts – or even when sharing a piece of content that should have had a cool image, but didn’t.

As for image creation tools, you can’t beat Canva.

6. Face your followers

While we’re talking about images and people shots, I also want to encourage you to feature yourself in your tweets now and then – especially if you’re hiding behind a logo in your profile picture.

In addition to increasing stopping power, your photo will help make a more personal connection and build trust with your followers. I’m not saying you shouldn’t shave, smile, or fix-up your hair, or but don’t be overly shy or vain. Toss a candid or selfie on Twitter.

7. Quote someone

Twitter users really connect with quotes: famous quotes, funny quotes, timely quotes, etc. Toss the occasional quote into your tweet mix, especially when you come across something inspiring, thoughtful, or joyful.

Don’t let the 140-character limit for tweets dissuade you from posting a longer quote. Instead, feature the quote in an image. It’s easy enough to do with many great online tools (one, called “Pablo,” is even built into Buffer now). Quotes as images will attract more eyeballs and get shared more too.

8. Play your Twitter cards

Twitter cards enable you to include additional media types in your tweets – images, videos, audio and download links. You might say they’re Twitter’s ultimate contribution to this list.

To use them, you have to want it a bit – technical shenanigans are required. The good news is Twitter cards can be permanently integrated into your content management system. Twitter’s CMS Integration Guide walks you through the process (somewhat painlessly).

There are five varieties of Twitter cards. Above is an example of the “Summary Card,” which is the most commonly used. The card displays a square image, title, and snippet from your post or page as well as a link.

9. Pose questions

Asking Cheap mlb Jerseys questions is an effective way to pull readers in. Come up with relevant questions about your niche. When you get responses, make sure to follow-up with those who answer you. Show them you’re listening and care.

You may also want to highlight certain answers by retweeting them with a response to keep the conversion alive and inspire even more interaction.

10. Add an afterthought (in parentheses)

I offer this subtle trick when I teach Cheap NFL Jerseys headline writing, but I’ve found it applies nicely to tweeting too: Include something in parentheses [or brackets] in your tweet.

It adds a little magical magnetism. You can do so in mid-tweet or after your thought’s complete.

If your tweet offers a link to something special, say so – [Infographic] or [Video] or [Interview].


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